Sunday, December 3, 2006

I'll not work at Labtests Auckland

It's been 5 months since the big announcement about Labtests Auckland, and the custard is really starting to fly.

The DML v. Labtests Auckland court case, which was to be heard in November, has now been postponed until February, which means that we will all have to wait 3 more months to see if the ADHB's loony decision will be set aside. Now the loonies at Labtests are accusing DML of being obstructionist because they haven't ordered all of us to go and work for this nonexistent company Labtests set up by a disgruntled former employee of DML who's such an arse that no one wants to work for him.

Things must be getting really desperate at Tony Bierre's Labtests Auckland; the other week they came by our work to try to persuade us to give them our CVs and apply for their open positions. Can you imagine the utter cheek?!! What's even cheekier, Labtests Auckland are offering starting-level wages, no matter how much experience you have. It was all I could do not to laugh in their faces and tell them to sod off.

All the GPs and specialists are quite racked off about the fact that Labtests Auckland is expecting them to take on a lot of DML's work.

I've already started checking for openings at hospitals and medical centres which aren't controlled by the Auckland DHB. I really love my job at DML, and I'll not go work for Labtests Auckland, but I'm a bit concerned that if I wait until the court decision, there will be a huge bolus of applicants and I'll have to move to another city to get another job that's not under the control of the loonies at the ADHB and Labtests Auckland. So I've decided to start sending out my CV. I can always tell them I won't be able to start until February after the judge returns a verdict on the Labtests case.

We shall see...